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How's this for an exciting boys bathroom? Why not do something the kids love. Make it interesting instead of your regular ol' bathroom design! I even incorporated the first initials of these lucky little guys! Continue reading


I was lucky enough to have been commissioned to hand paint larger than life sized murals, both interior and exterior, for Collector Car Showcase in Oyster Bay. It is an amazing Petroliana, Memorabilia and Automative Exhibition with a collection that... Continue reading


Believe it or not, this beautiful kitchen backsplash is completely hand painted. If you don't want to go through the time, expense or trouble installing real tile, this is your perfect solution. A painted backsplash also gives you the option to... Continue reading


An Enchanted Fairy Tale room… the smile on Olivia's face says it all! She just loves her enchanted fairy tale room… what little girl wouldn't? To make it that much more special for her, I added in her requested friends- a squirrel and a hedgehog! If... Continue reading

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A beautiful faux finish is a great way to make your home office feel like part of your home, while at the same time, fit into a work space. This particular room serves as a home office/guest bedroom. Continue reading

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It's really incredible how a beautiful faux finish can change the whole look of a room. There is a different faux finish for every style, in any color scheme, in every room, whether it be residential, or commercial. So rich looking, it makes everything... Continue reading


Firehouse mural hand painted to celebrate 100 years of service. Every detail was important as well as sentimental. I incorporated the original firehouse as it appeared 100 years ago as well as the firehouse as it exists today. Also included... Continue reading


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